Advice For Burton on Trent Start-Ups and Creating a Great Company Name

This can be a daunting aspect of starting up your own business… “What shall I call my business?

Not only do you need something that reflects your business idea but also that is Google friendly, or at least that used to be the case. Up until recently the advice was to choose a name that was search engine friendly and included some key search terms.

We went with “Burton Web Solutions” because that is what we do! It can also be a search term. It is easy to remember and describes exactly what we do. It is also our brand and this is going to become more important during 2017 & 2018.

We believe Google, the dominant search engine company, is starting to move away from giving priority in search results to EDMs (Exact Domain Name Match) URLs. Yes they can still work well but increasingly we believe Google will be giving more weight to brands.

Think “BRAND” When Creating your Start Up Name

So, when thinking about a name for your company it is good to think of a name (new, original or a creative made up word) that will become your Brand. So if you type in Amazon to a search engine, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc all recognise that you are probably looking for the brand “Amazon” and not the big river!

Therefore, when thinking of a name, try to find something unique that a search engine won’t confuse with another brand.


Local, National or Global Website Name?

If you are a local sole trader you might want to include the town name in your domain / company name. We specialise in helping local business in Burton on Trent so naturally we wanted to show that in our Brand. It is important to us, hence “Burton Web Solutions”. However, we also support business both in Derby / The Midlands and nationally. We therefore created our other company with a more generic brand name… “Open Formula“.

Normally you wouldn’t need to do this, it is just the nature of the web design business! The important thing is to think forward. You may be local now but things change and in the future you may expand. So a local plumber may go for a locally focused brand name but a local shop starting up may need to think about a more national / international brand name for their new business.


Need Help With Your New Business Name or Domain Name?

We can help with advice. If you have an idea already we can help with how that would work on the internet both in terms of search engine friendliness and brand impact.

Why not Contact Us for a no obligation chat. We are always happy to help!

For more inspiration the Virgin website might be of help.