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What’s in a Name? or don’t look as good as

We can help you set up email addresses for your company, or simply just to keep organised yourself. You could use for all of your online enquiries and for your personal correspondance, keeping your inbox tidy, your head clear and inportantly, your image professional!

Cost effective email

We offer domain email packages starting from just a few £’s a month. Your email account can be set quickly and you don’t need to already have a website to benefit from our services. We will help get your email accounts set up on any computers or devices you have and show you how to use all of the features on offer.

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Email Options?

We understand that if you are just starting up your business you might be on a tight budget so we are happy to support webmail as well as domain emails.

Here are some options…

No matter the size or scale of your project, we put 100% into getting you the right hosting & domain package.

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We love to help business focus on what they do best.

So, let us take care of all your hosting, domain & email workload stresses.
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