Project Description

Marguerite came to us as her old website was starting to look old and wasn’t generating the business leads she needed for her superb & inspirational interior design servcies.

We worked closely with Marguerite to understand what style she was looking for that would fit with her own style.

A draft website was hen designed and presented and once signed off we completed the build for her. We understood her business offer and wrote the copy ensuring we captured her business accurately and also to tune the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensuring the right blend to get great Google ranking!

We now host the website under our Managed WordPress Hosting service plan which keeps her website up to date and safe whilst also ensuring continued good search engine ranking.

I would like to thank Philip Levy for a wonderful service and quality of work provided in building my website.

Philip did all the hard work and it made the creation so simple for me in providing material for the requirement of pages.

I can honestly say that Philip is so enthuastic and takes care of both his customer and product/service and treats it as looking after one of his family – a lovely quality to have.

Philip of Open Formula looks after now all my requirements with both site and social medias and takes the pressure away from me in providing this service and I am so comfortable with Philip i cant express into words.

Definitely recommend Philip to anyone in pursuit of requiring a website and social media in puts.

Marguerite Harrison of Marguerite Interior Designer Ltd.

Marguerite Harrison, Marguerite - Interior Design